Serving the Bay Area since 1993

About Me

Ron Raffo, Owner

 My name is Ron Raffo, owner and operator of Ron Raffo Roofing. My company has been serving the Bay Area since 1993 and I started in the building trades over 40 years ago. 

 We install and repair roofs, gutters and downspouts in Marin and Sonoma Counties of California. We keep up on the latest innovations in the market such as Radiant Barriers and Cool Roofs. We’ve also installed skylights and brackets for solar panels. 

 I am proud to provide services from the smallest repairs, to inspections, to a new roof from tear off through completed installation.  We work on small and large homes as well as estate size, and commercial projects. I am on every job to ensure performance, quality, and customer satisfaction. 


 • Regular inspection for leaks and other problems helps ensure repairs are done before causing widespread damage so provides longer roof life. 

• Schedule regular maintenance 1-2 times per year for roof systems to remove debris and clear drains. 

• Most roof problems cannot be seen from the ground. Call a professional to spot problems before they lead to a whole new roof